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News Release

Booties / Shoe Covers

Traditional Design

Traditional Design Standard

Item - #453015U

Traditional Design Anti Skid

Item - #453025U

Over - The - Ankle Design

Over The Ankle Standard

Item - #454015U

Over The Ankle Anti Skid

Item - #454025U

Drawstring - Design

Drawstring Standard

Item - #455015U

Drawstring - Anti Skid

Item - #455025U

Gems Manufacturing System is proud to announce the newest booties/cotton canvas shoe cover lines.

Available with or without anti-skid coating, these versatile cotton canvas shoe covers can keep your shoes clean when working in unsanitary environments. Additionally, they can protect home interious from outside contaminants.

By choosing shoe covers with the anti-skid treatment, the wearer will also enjoy the benefits of improved traction for a variety of hazardous surfaces.

We now have new varieties of over the ankle booties/shoe covers for even more protection, comfort and reliability.

For more information , please contact us at : sales@gemsmfg.com

or call 610-481-0132, 1-888-362-1942


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www.gemssafetysupply.com , www.gemsmfg.com

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