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Manufactured Products

Multi-Purpose Disposable Gloves

Polyethylene Disposable Gloves Extended Wrist Length Multipurpose Clear

Style No: 15401

Comfortable, Non-Irritating Feel
Easily Covers Entire Forearm
Durable Material Protecting from Bacteria, etc.
Ideal for Restaurant Work
Ideal for Light Food Processing Work

Disposable Powdered Vinyl Gloves (1000 Gloves/Case)

Style No: 12202

Vinyl Lightly Powdered Gloves
Durable, Longer-Lasting Than Most Disposables
Easily Adjustable with Elastic Band
Comfortable Fit and Design
Protection from Bacteria

Disposable Gloves Powdered Latex (1000 Gloves/Case)

Style No: 12002

Comfortable, Non-Irritating Feel
Easily Adjustable
Full Dexterity
100% Latex